A follow up to lifting women up in 2021

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

In January I committed to finding and helping one woman a month in 2021. We’ve been in and out of Covid lockdowns for just over a year and although the last 12 months have been hard on almost everyone they have more severely and negatively impacted women. In January, I wrote an article about this topic, describing how Covid lockdowns and the resulting recession, have negatively impacted women. You can read that article here.

The gist of the article is that the Covid epidemic made women particularly vulnerable to labour markets because women typically hold lower-paying jobs that went away…

Photos from the Copenhagen Light Festival 2021

PRESSURE by Hans E Madsen & Frederik Dahl Hougs, photo by Andreia Amorim

We’re stuck at home and we can’t travel, so allow me to share a little color and light in the shape of outdoor art installations. Below are the night pictures I took last month in Copenhagen’s city center, with kids in tow. I hope you like them, and the beauty of crisp and clear nights, thanks to light pollution being minimal nowadays, can be felt through the screen.

And it was so much fun!

Photo by Andreia Amorim

We were looking forward to our third ice skating season. We moved to Copenhagen when the children were little. The first ice skating season went OK but during the second season their abilities developed enough they were thrilled every time they were on the ice. We had high hopes for this year. Our oldest set a goal for himself, for the first time, to spin, and asked an older girl to show him how she was spinning.

2020 was an odd year with ever changing COVID restrictions and cancelled vacations and activities. We assumed…

and answers.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

After the article “Top tips on raising trilingual children: how our kids spoke 3 languages at age 4” I received a couple of interesting messages and a few questions asking for clarification or details. I decided to write a follow up article answering some of the questions plus added questions I typically get from family and strangers alike.

Our children are 6 and 4,5 years old, and they speak Portuguese, Danish and English.

They speak Portuguese with me and my family. In a typical year we go to Portugal during the summer and my family take turns visiting…

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Lifestyle creep is a common stumbling block to financial independence and personal wealth building. Lifestyle creep happens when your income increases but you lack the discipline to curb your spending. Every time your income increases you give yourself permission to spend more money. One of the best ways to stop lifestyle creep is setting up an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck into your savings or investment accounts.

This week Democrats proposed a monthly child benefit payout to families. If passed, this payout has the potential to be a considerable income increase to many families, and we could witness a group…

See how fast your money grows

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

Here’s my conundrum. This Global Recession might last a long time and might be especially nasty but despite the dire situation so many families find themselves in, is it really the best time to stop talking about the importance of saving and investing those savings?

Learning the importance of compounding interest will change your life. Unfortunately the people that need to know about this amazing lever the most are those that might not have the mental space to internalize this lesson and are never going to read a compounding interest chart. Life is too…

A follow up to the article Women in the workforce in 2021: It will take all of us lifting each other up

Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

One of my 2021 goals is to help one woman, whom I don’t know, each month in any way I can. I know this is not much, but right now, with everything going on, this is what I’m capable of taking on.

The day after I posted the January update the COVID lockdown was extended from the end of January to the end of February. So here we are, helping once again remotely.

This month I chose to support Urvashi Pathania the writer and hopefully director of “Marigold: A Short Film”, about a stern immigrant father that catches his daughter…

Take a little from today and use it for a better tomorrow

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

You must save early and often, and trust that everyone has the capacity to be a saver. Once you’ve saved enough for an emergency fund, you must invest all extra cash because with interest rates at near 0%, your cash loses value over time. You must invest!

The easiest way to invest without knowing how to, are mutual index funds. These funds allow your savings to earn compounding interest. Have you ever heard about the importance of compounding interest but you still don’t get it? Let me explain it without using a single calculation.

Like so many women around the…

Helping our children develop good financial habits and finding approaches that reflect real-life situations effectively teach them long-lasting and positive money behaviors.

Our oldest teaching his little sister “The Hundred Board” which is a key Montessori Mathematics material.
Our oldest teaching his little sister “The Hundred Board” which is a key Montessori Mathematics material.
Our oldest teaching his little sister “The Hundred Board.” The Hundred Board is a key Montessori Mathematics material, which helps children leap from recognizing numbers to understanding how they belong in a sequence. They were 5,5, and 4 years old in this photo. Photo credit by Andreia Verdasca

Our oldest turned 6 this month. And for his 6th birthday, he asked to manage his own money. He was very specific and careful with his wording! He wasn’t about to make the same mistake he did at Christmas!

For Christmas, he asked for money and received 3 coins. The following day, my husband and I asked our son to put the coins he received in the bag we kept all his other coins in. He was told…

We’re all home so… is 2021 the year we embrace financial literacy?

Photo by Andreia Amorim

2020 was a strange and unique year, and most people were financially unprepared for it. But if we are honest, this was the first pandemic for most of us, but it was not the first (or second) financial crisis in our adult life. Despite being hit by a different financial crisis every decade, most people continue to be unprepared to deal with “the next” financial crisis despite all the warnings of previous ones!

There are always those, dealing with their own personal and unexpected crises, that are incapable of adding a pandemic to their realities on top of whatever else…

Andreia Amorim

Founded StrateFi to help individuals, entrepreneurs, small business achieve financial independence & success. Finance expert, outsourced CFO, investor, writer.

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